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PHP Summer 2023 Grants Awarded

Philadelphia Health Partnership has awarded $886,000 to community-based organizations working to advance health equity and early childhood health and development.

From January to June 2023, we funded 12 nonprofits through our Nurture, Connect, Advocate, and Lead initiatives. Awards included a new three-year grant of $525,000 for a collaborative effort of the Thriving Pa perinatal and child health advocacy campaign to improve early intervention services for infants and toddlers with developmental delays in Pennsylvania.

Nurture grants to promote the optimal development of children from prenatal to age five to influence lifelong health and well-being:


Education Law Center

$50,000 in support of legal services and advocacy to improve children’s access to early intervention services and full inclusion in early childhood education.


$50,000 in support of home visiting services for families with children from 16 months to four years old to stimulate parent-child interaction and develop children’s language, early literacy, and social-emotional skills.

Connect grants to improve access to equitable care and services to address disparities in health and well-being:


Hispanos Unidos para Niños Excepcionales (HUNE)

$30,000 in support of bilingual case management, family advocacy, and educational support services for children and youth with disabilities and their parents/caregivers.

South Philly East Health and Wellness

$19,000 in support of the establishment of the Hansjörg Wyss Wellness Center as a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) Look – Alike.

Advocate grants to advance policy, systems, and structural change to achieve equity in health:


Children First

$65,000 in support of preventing childhood lead poisoning, expanding children’s access to health insurance and health care, and promoting quality and equitable child care and early intervention services.

Early Intervention Part C (Infant Toddler) Work Group of Thriving Pa

$525,000 (three-year grant) in support of a statewide advocacy collaborative of the Thriving Pa perinatal and child health campaign to improve the infant toddler early intervention system with a focus on outreach, referral, enrollment; quality services; equitable access; mental health; and Medicaid partnerships. Pennsylvania Association for the Education of Young Children will serve as a work group participant and fiscal agent for the grant.

Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children

$93,750 in support of improving health insurance and health care access for children and birthing people, promoting quality and equitable child care and early intervention services, and expanding evidence-based home visiting services.

Lead grants to build the capacity of the health and human service sectors for racial justice and diversity, equity, and inclusion:


African Family Health Organization

$5,000 in support of participation in the Economy League 2023 Greater Philadelphia Leadership Exchange (GPLEX).

Economy League of Greater Philadelphia

$13,000 in support of the 2023 Greater Philadelphia Leadership Exchange (GPLEX) Scholarship Fund.

Oshun Family Center

$5,000 in support of participation in the Economy League 2023 Greater Philadelphia Leadership Exchange (GPLEX).

Equity in Health awards to community-based organizations working to promote health and well-being in Philadelphia:


It Takes Philly, Inc.

$25,000 in support of the efforts of the Black Doctors Consortium to address racial disparities in access to health care.

Women’s Way

$5,000 in support of the Immediate Response Action Fund to provide resources to organizations working to address the real-time needs of women and girls.

We look forward to sharing more about each grantee and their impact. Follow our page to stay informed:


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