Our New Identity

We are excited to introduce our new name: the Philadelphia Health Partnership, a foundation for healthy communities.

Our Name

Our new name reflects our commitment to Philadelphia County, our focus on health, and our philosophy towards collaboration and engagement. We believe that partnering with community leaders, nonprofit organizations, and cross-sector stakeholders will increase our collective ability to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of people in Philadelphia.

Our Tagline

"Foundation for Healthy Communities"

Our tagline, Foundation for Healthy Communities, reminds us that we are building upon our legacy and remain a philanthropic entity focused on healthy communities.

Our Logo

Our new logo reflects the Dimensions of Well-Being: physical, social, occupational, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional.The person-centered image is an outline of an individual surrounded by the connections needed to address the health of the whole person. In the center, the Keystone is a central stone that locks everything together, “the heart.”

The logo was designed to reflect our focus on community, collaboration, creativity, connection, and responsiveness. Above all, it expresses that Everything We Do Connects to Health.


Our Acronym

Our initials – PHP – illustrate our evolution from FHF: the connections we’ve made over the past 20 years that inform our aim to foster partnerships that advance healthy equity.